professional photography, digital imaging and design

Gregory is an Ottawa based visual artist and designer
whose tools include photographic camera, computer,
canvas, oil paint, and a drafting board. Born and
educated in Poland, he was trained in the fields of art,
design and art history, graduating from the Academy
of Fine Arts in Warsaw with a Masters of Fine Arts
in Design.

In 1977, Gregory made Canada his home and first
started work as a conceptual and interior designer at
an architectural firm in Edmonton, then in a museum
in Calgary. In 1981, he joined Canadian Government
Expositions Centre as a designer. A number of his
designs received international awards and recognition.
His first photographic work was published in Canadian
Architecture magazine in 1984.

Since 1997, Gregory has been sharing his experience
with the students of the School of Industrial Design at
Carleton University in Ottawa, where he is a sessional
lecturer. He has taught design studio, exhibition design,
visual communication, colour and form, photography
and digital imaging.

Current research interests include: visual persuasion
and information techniques in 3-D and virtual reality
environments; information dissemination in new media
platforms, and digital imaging applications.

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